Recently, long-time friend Dan Thompson, asked me to help him test out some scopes.  Dan’s YouTube Channel ‘Guns and Guitars‘, gives honest reviews to help his viewers spend less money on your guns and guitars.   Dan says ‘Your gear isn’t defined by it’s price tag.’

Shoot 900 yards for LESS THAN $900! (Bushnell FORGE 2.5-15×50 rifle scope review)

Bushnell has a new line of LONG RANGE first focal plane rifle scopes called “FORGE” built rugged and meant to reach out to 600 yards and beyond. This is an excellent choice for shooters that want to really test the limits of their rifles, or are looking to get into extreme long distance shooting competitions for a fraction of the cost of other competition grade optics. While most of those other brands start at $3,000 the Bushnell Forge starts at $700, making it so the average joe can now have a change to compete with the big dogs without needing to take out a second mortgage.

Check out more details of the Bushnell Forge line here: here’s the exact scope I used in this video:

Huge thanks to Garrett of NAZ_Long_Range_Shooters for helping me with this video, follow him on instagram: @NAZ_Long_Range_Shooter Huge thanks to Bushnell for sending me this optic for testing and evaluation!

*Prices mentioned in this video are subject to change without notice, please check the links for current pricing.

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